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Risk Assessments

EHC plans Risk Assessments to be Sent to the Local Authority

As set out in Cornwall Council’s ‘Guidance for schools and settings named in children and young people’s Education, Health and Care plans during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’, the Local Authority (LA) requires a copy of each individual risk assessment for a child or young person (CYP) with an education, health and care (EHC) plan, along with evidence that the arrangements that have been put in place have been done so in agreement with someone with parental responsibility for that child or young person.

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The risk assessment can take any form as long as it covers the following points:  

  • the potential health risks from coronavirus (COVID-19), bearing in mind any underlying health conditions
  • the risk to the individual if some or all elements of their EHC plan cannot be delivered for the time being and the risk if they cannot be delivered in the normal manner or in the usual setting and the opportunities to meet needs in a different way temporarily e.g. in the home or online
  • the ability of the CYP’s parents or carers or home to ensure their health and care needs can be met safely week-round or for multiple weeks, bearing in mind the family’s access to respite
  • the potential impact to the CYP’s wellbeing of changes to routine or the way in which provision is delivered
  • any out-of-school or college risk or vulnerability. For example, a CYP becoming involved in dangerous behaviour or situations or requiring support from a social worker. This applies to those whose needs are best met in educational settings, particularly in order to stop a care placement breakdown.

Each setting needs to provide information about when the risk assessment was agreed and with whom. For example, this could be the date of an email from a parent. The full audit trail will only be requested in cases where there are concerns raised. Where LA officers feel that additional advice and support is required for schools/settings they will make contact in order to offer that support.

Risk Assessments should be sent to .

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