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Guidance for schools and colleges for summer term reviews

On 24 April 2020 schools received guidance on undertaking annual reviews remotely

As in other years, this confirms that for year groups 5, 10 and 12 review meetings must take place before the end of the summer term 2020. This process is vital  to inform educational provision in September 2021.

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Casework officers are attending more virtual meetings during the summer term 2020 for these year groupsYou can contact the statutory SEN service if you wish to discuss a particular review or request attendance

We hold a review to consider any changes to Education, Health and Care (EHC)  plans, so that they reflect pupils’  next phase of education

  • For example, if we review a pupil in year 5's EHC plan we will consider outcomes expected next year. By the end of key stage 3’ and should be in line with the needs in section B of the EHC plan and the provision that will be required to meet those needs

  • Pupils in year 10 should have a CSW advisor involved in the review meeting to advise about the range of post 16 options. You can make contact with CSW by email, or telephone, 0800 9755 111.

  • For young people currently in Y12, we will need to decide whether they meet criteria for Higher Education. The recommendations from the meeting need to be clear about what the proposed future educational outcomes, if any, are after the end of KS5. SMART outcomes for this year group should all be movedto preparing for adulthood and must become more focused on the specific gaps in education and training.

  • EHC plan discussions and the notes of review meetings should reflect the Preparing for Adulthood outcomes.  This is essential for review meetings for children and young people in year 9 and above. 

Thank you kindly for your ongoing statutory SEN activity with and on behalf of children and young people. The Statutory SEN service is working remotely and we check the address daily