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One-to-One Tuition

“I used to be scared of making mistakes in maths but since I’ve been having one-to-one tuition I feel much more confident and really look forward to my maths lessons”

Year 8 pupil, Cornish Secondary School



Whether you are a headteacher, a tuition lead or a tutor we hope that you will find this resource informative and helpful.

One-to-One is aimed at pupils who have fallen behind national expectations and need personalised tuition to overcome the blocks and barriers that are stopping them from making expected progress in English or mathematics. It is not intended as a replacement for excellent high quality Wave 1 learning and teaching. Rather, it aims to support children who have failed to secure particular skills even after high quality whole class teaching has taken place. Pupils value tuition because they develop a special relationship with the tutor who knows them well and is consequently well placed to build learning around their interests and skills. Parents value one-to-one tuition because they know it can make a real difference in terms of helping their child to get back on track and grow in confidence as a learner. For further information about one-to-one tuition, please contact Andy Brumby (secondary lead) or Teresa Christopher (primary lead) via cornwalllearning@cornwall.gov.uk.

For General Guidance on One-to-One Tuition

One-to-One Tuition on DfE

Resources for Tutors

 New interactive self-evaluation tool for tutors

  • What does good tuition actually look like?
  • Does being a good teacher automatically make me a good tutor?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses as a tutor?
  • What practical strategies could I develop to enhance my tutoring?
  • What next steps do I need to take in order to become an even more effective tutor?

Our new interactive self evaluation tool is designed to help tutors develop excellent practice in the pedagogy of personalised learning. It aims to help tutors provide highly personalised tuition for each of their tutees. Based around the PIER model (Progression, Interaction, Engagement, Reflection) developed by Andy and Tre, it shows how tutors can improve their pedagogy in four key areas that we have identified as being crucial to success in achieving totally personalised tuition. We hope that tutors and tuition leads will find this resource helpful for reflecting on the questions listed above.

Cornwall LA Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit

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