English and Maths with Link into Learning

If you or someone you know would like help with their English or maths, ring us on 0300 1231 117 and we will book you an appointment to come in and meet with a tutor to find out how we can help.

Link into Learning is the specialist provider of English and maths teaching and learning within Cornwall Council.  We also offer English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) and basic ICT skills.

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  • English and maths courses are free for all learners from absolute beginners to Level 2 (pre GCSE).
  • English and maths GCSEs are free to everyone unless you already have an A-C or a 4-9 in the relevant subject.
  • Fees are charged for ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) and for ICT but concessions are available.

Functional Skills in maths for beginners up to Level 2

Learn about handling numbers, data, diagrams, measurements and the kind of money calculations which you might come across at work or in everyday life.

At level 2 this is an ideal qualification to take before embarking on a GCSE Maths.

Functional Skills in English for beginners up to Level 2

Covers reading and writing skills including spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as verbal communication and study skills which can help you move on to further learning.

We also offer help with job search skills, writing CVs and with computer skills to support literacy and numeracy.

At level 2 this is an ideal qualification to take before embarking on a GCSE English.

Functional Skills in ICT Entry level for beginners

This is a first step towards computer literacy. Gain the confidence to use the computer and learn how to search for information, create documents, fill in online forms, store files safely, send emails and shop using the Internet.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESoL) for beginners up to Level 2

We offer qualification courses to help ESOL learners wishing to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and gain valuable qualifications.  

Our non-qualification Conversation Workshops will help those whose first language is not English to improve their speaking, listening and communication skills for life and work. 

Link into Learning tutors work with individuals and small groups in a friendly, informal atmosphere.  Whether you want to brush-up your existing skills, try something new, update your qualifications or change direction, you can sign up for a Step-in taster session and get a free skills check which will help uncover your strengths and pinpoint your gaps.

We offer daytime and evening sessions in most centres so you can arrange to attend at a time that fits in with your work and family life.

Link into Learning centres are not like school - you'll be amazed by the friendly, positive atmosphere created by adults who are keen to learn new skills and gain qualifications.

Link into Learning has 17 learning centres covering areas across Cornwall and offering a flexible, highly personalised and informal approach to teaching and learning, designed to help individuals achieve their own personal goals.

The centres are staffed by qualified teaching professionals who are skilled in helping people overcome barriers to learning. See the Link into Learning Centres page for an address list of centres. 

Outside the centres, we have tutors who can deliver learning in local venues, hosted by partner organisations.  Working closely with voluntary and community organisations to bring learning to the heart of local communities, we can tailor a course to suit the interests of the group concerned.  If you would like to join such a group, or if we might be able to help your organisation, please email: aecentral@cornwall.gov.uk

Engages parents and carers in English and maths to support their children's development.  Family Learning takes place in schools, children's centres or other community venues, providing learning opportunities which promote the development of English and maths skills for the whole family.

Family Learning courses are free.

Email - familylearning@cornwall.gov.uk 

We have courses suitable for anyone over the age of 16 who wants to improve their skills, and most are free.  We also aim to reach people who face other challenges: people who are unemployed, single parents, people with disabilities and learning difficulties, and people who are isolated geographically or economically.

If you think you may be dyslexic, struggle with numbers or feel that computers have passed you by, we can tailor a course to your individual needs and help you move towards achieving your goals.

We are strongly committed to staff development and offer the Award in Education and Training.  To find out more, please email: aecentral@cornwall.gov.uk