Information, Advice and Guidance

Would you like more information about any of our courses?  For example: where the venue is located and how accessible it is; what you will learn; whether or not you need to have any knowledge of the subject already; what additional support we are able to provide to help you with your learning.

Would you like advice about which might be the best course for you, or whether the course you have in mind will help you to meet your personal goals?  Would you like a free skills check with further advice on how to improve your skills?

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Would you like guidance about how to enrol, the different payment methods you can use, whether you might be eligible for a 24+ learner loan, and/or other learning or career opportunities which might be open to you?

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For further information, advice and guidance about all our courses or to arrange a free skills check contact your local Adult Education Centre, call us on 0300 1231 117 or email us at

Once enrolled we hope that you enjoy your course and gain the skills and confidence you need to meet your personal goals.  We've included a range of introductory information inside our Learner Guide which we hope you will find useful during your first few weeks, or refer to at a later date.  Remember if you need any further advice or assistance, we are here to help - you can speak to your course tutor, local admin or the Area Coordinator.

If you are already enrolled on one of our courses and would like us to arrange a meeting with the National Careers Service for information, advice and guidance on further learning and career opportunities, please contact your local Adult Education Centre.