Are you ready for Family Based Short Break care?

Do you like spending time with children and young people? If you enjoy laughter, sharing learning and new experiences, then Cornwall Council wants to hear from you.

Family Based Short Break care gives disabled children and young people opportunities to have fun, learn and develop in a homely environment, whilst at the same time giving their families a break from their caring role.

As a Family based short break carer, it’s up to you how much time you can devote to caring; it could be a few hours a day or even a weekend, to fit around your lifestyle.

We can share with you what a difference Family Based Short Breaks has meant for individual children and families. We can explain the training we offer and what assessments are required. And, of course, you will receive an allowance for any time that you can offer as well as support from our team of dedicated social workers.

Michelle has been a Short Break carer for nearly 20 years, a decision made as a family, including her then two young sons.  During that time, she has cared for numerous children with differing additional needs

“Over the years we have built up so many lovely friendships not only with the children, but also their families.  It’s hard to put into words knowing the difference you make to these families and what the help and support you offer means to them. But saying that, it is not only the families, but also us that get something back.  It sounds corny, but it is really a fulfilling thing to do. 

Whether you have experience of working with disabled children or want to learn more, Family Based Short Break care will open up new horizons for you, as Michelle confirms:

“The children we have cared for have ranged from 4 years old, right up to 18 years old and then they transfer into adult care.  Each one has brought something different to the house.  We have always treated them as one of the family whilst they stay with us, with parents’ permission we have taken them to family parties, outings, events etc.  They honestly bring so much fun and joy.”

To find out more about Family Based Short Break care, please call Helen Sinclair on 07583260217, visit our fostering website or call our recruitment team on 01872 323 638. 

All short break care is subject to rigorous COVID safety checks and precautions which the team can explain during the application process.

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