'Be responsible. Be respectful’ - Cornwall Council’s message as Covid restrictions are lifted

Residents and visitors in Cornwall are being urged to act responsibly and remain cautious as Covid restrictions are lifted.

From today (July 19) most legal restrictions will be lifted as we move to step 4 of the government’s roadmap.

But while case numbers remain high, it is important everybody continues to act carefully and takes steps to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Cornwall Council’s Public Health team is echoing the government message that people should continue to wear masks in crowded public spaces and on public transport.

People are also asked to respect any rules individual shops and businesses have put in place for the safety and peace of mind of their staff and customers.

From today:

  • You will not need to stay two metres apart from people you don't live with
  • There will be no limits on the number of people you can meet
  • Face coverings will no longer be required by law, but it is expected and recommended that face coverings are worn in crowded areas and on public transport.
  • There will no longer be limits on the number of people who can attend weddings, civil partnerships, funerals and other life events

'Covid-19 has not gone away. Take steps to keep yourself and others safe'

Covid-19 has not gone away, but you can take measures to keep yourself and others safe. They include:

  • Getting vaccinated – both jabs!
  • Testing twice a week at home with Lateral Flow Tests
  • Wearing a face covering in crowded places and on public transport – and wherever else it is appropriate
  • Washing your hands or using sanitiser regularly
  • Meeting others outdoors where possible or open windows when meeting indoors

Rachel Wigglesworth, Director of Public Health for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, said: “We know Covid isn’t going away any time soon and so have a simple request to people as they return to their everyday lives: be responsible and have respect for those around you.

“We would urge everyone to take their time and go at their own pace as we enter this new stage of the roadmap. Covid is still out there, and we all need to use our best judgment, consider the risks and continue to do our bit to help stop the spread.”

She added: “The vaccine is our key weapon in fighting the virus and I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to get both jabs as soon as they can.

“My final message is to keep testing – the more people who embrace twice-weekly home testing, the more we can slow the spread of the virus by quickly identifying positive cases who must then self-isolate.”

Cllr Andy Virr, Portfolio Holder for Adults and Public Health, said: “Entering this last stage of the roadmap is clearly a huge deal.

"Over the past 16 months people have had to make significant sacrifices and the pandemic has taken an enormous toll on the economy and people’s physical and mental health.

"To have some semblance of normality back is great for Cornwall and great for the country, but the reality is that Covid is here to stay and we have to learn to live with it.

“Common sense and caution are key – we know how easily Covid-19 spreads among crowds of people, especially indoors, so it’s still worth trying to meet friends and family outdoors if possible, or open windows if you’re getting together inside.

"Keeping your distance from people you don’t know is also a good idea if possible, as is wearing a face covering in supermarkets and shops and when using public transport.

"Washing your hands regularly, and using hand sanitizer, is as important as ever.

“If we can all act responsibly and respectfully, and make sensible choices for ourselves and those around us, we give ourselves the best chance of keeping Covid at bay and avoiding future lockdowns and restrictions.”

For the latest information on the guidelines, vaccines and testing visit www.gov.uk/coronavirus and www.cornwall.gov.uk/coronavirus

The virus has had, and continues to have, a significant effect on many people’s mental health.

To talk to someone about your own or someone else's mental wellbeing you can call the 24/7 NHS mental health telephone support help line on 0800 038 5300 or visit our website for more information www.cornwall.gov.uk/mentalhealth

Story posted on July 19, 2021

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