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The Government has confirmed that it will ensure the forthcoming G7 Summit in Cornwall will be run as a carbon-neutral event, offsetting any emissions and investing further in environmental programmes in Cornwall. 

These values align closely with Cornwall Council’s own priorities, including our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030. 

We have led the way in the battle to tackle climate change. In January 2019 we became one of the first authorities in the UK to declare a climate emergency, recognising the need for urgent action to address the climate crisis.

While the whole world needs to adapt, in Cornwall we have an opportunity to lead the way in demonstrating what is possible. The sooner we change, the sooner we can create a Cornwall that provides a clean, prosperous and fair future for all. 
One of our key pledges is to make Cornwall carbon neutral by 2030, and is already delivering against that target through projects including: 

Planting new woodland across Cornwall as part of the Forest for Cornwall programme. The new forest canopy of trees and hedgerows will draw down carbon from the atmosphere. The Forest for Cornwall will also increase public access to around 32 square miles of new open space. That's over 11,500 football pitches, or over 30 times the size of Cardinham Woods on Bodmin Moor.

Increasing the amount of renewable energy generated in Cornwall. Since 2009 we have increased the amount of electricity we can generate from 90 to over 800 megawatts. That means around 40% of Cornwall's electricity now comes from renewable sources. Cornwall's new smart-grid wind turbine will be generating energy from September. 

We need to improve the energy efficiency of homes across Cornwall. Initially we are focussing on our existing Council owned homes.  We will be helping to reduce the cost of those homes energy bills and making them easier to keep warm. We are lobbying government to help us do more. If you worry about staying warm in your house our Warm and Well scheme may be able to help you. 

We are working to help more people use low carbon vehicles by making them more accessible. We are using a £23 million subsidy from national government to reduce the cost of bus journeys. We are improving park and ride facilities and walking and cycling routes. We will also be increasing the number of charging points for electric vehicles. 

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