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Usage statistics

Month            Page ViewsVisits          Unique VisitorsAvailability
November 2018 4,626,328 736,039 315,623 99.94% 
October 2018 3,926,766  783,070 337,594  99.8% 
September 2018 3,414,460  766,127  347,101  99.97%
August 2018 4,375,483  859,481  415,764  99.97% 
July 2018 3,844,755 818,690 378,433 99.96%
June 2018 3,341,045 750,917 338,872 99.95% 
May 2018 3,536,756 788,304 366,027 98.01% 
April 2018 3,651,260  812,850  373,813  99.98% 
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During November 2018 the following terms were used most frequently by people using the Cornwall Council website search:

Search queriesOccurrences
planning 1688
council tax 1433
jobs 639
recycling 381
mapping 365
pay council tax 232
blue badge 204
library 204
bus pass 168
planning applications 164


Page Views

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A visit is recorded as the number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to our site. If a visitor makes a number of individual sessions to our website each one is counted as a visit.

Unique Visitors

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At Cornwall Council we are committed to providing access to all the services we deliver, via our website. Our aim is to offer our online services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to provide independent verification, we use a third party service to constantly monitor website availability.

Cornwall Council aims to maintain 99% availability for its website.