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Website feedback group

What have we learnt?

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We found that 83% of people prefer to find information online and that 24% of users in our survey had accessed our website using a mobile device such as a phone, ipad or tablet.

Searching for information was by far the most popular reason for visiting our website with 97.5% of people saying they had found information online and nearly 15% said they use our website on a daily basis to find information.  Nearly half (45%) of people surveyed had used our website to pay for a service online, two-thirds (65.5%) had used the website to report a problem, and 85% had taken part in consultations or commented on planning applications. 15% told us they had used our website to search or apply for jobs within the council.  

Only 62% found that our search engine had produced good results which has made us look at carrying out further work on making sure our website works better with the search.

97% of people surveyed like the idea of having access to local information in one place which led us to develop the ‘My Area’ on our website.

If you have visited our site recently you may have noticed a new link to My Area near the top right of every page.  Simply select the My Area link, add your postcode and choose your address from the dropdown menu. This will take you to a page full of information relevant to your address.  If you haven’t seen it yet then check it out now at after all you have helped develop it!

My Area information includes details of local council services, such as local schools, libraries, leisure centres and recycling centres. It also shows the date of your next waste and recycling collection.   We have also incorporated other useful services such as local doctors, dentists and your nearest railway stations. 

Of the 63 people who made a comment or suggestion on what other features or improvements they would like to see, 16 (25.4%) suggested improvements to the search and/or navigation.   We have recently undertaken some work to improve the navigation which means that now when you select pages on the website you only see the pages for the area you have selected instead of the entire website navigation.  We hope this now makes navigating the website a little easier.

This year we are hoping to have a number of new features and projects that we are going to be working on.  Some of these include improving the design of the website’s homepage, developing the My Area further to include more local information , further changes to the navigation are just a few of the plans this year.  Before we do that we will be seeking your opinion on what works and what doesnt. 

Lastly I want to thank you for taking time out to feedback to us, its really important that we can provide something that works for you and this year we hope to make it better with your help.

Jason Williams
Corporate Web Manager