Our Customer Service Promise includes a commitment to make our services convenient for you. To help us improve, we measure some aspects of how convenient we are for customers.

We promise to be convenient

We promise to provide support if you cannot access the internet. We aim to answer your calls to our 0300 numbers quickly and sort things out for you there and then. Our target is that 90% of the time, you should not have been waiting for more than 5 minutes when we answer your call. In 2018-19, our performance was 82.3% and therefore we are working on making changes to improve our phone service in the future. Our 2019-20 performance up to the end of October was 76.8%.

We promise to be open to all

There are about 700,000 visits to our website each month. Council websites across the country are ranked independently for how accessible they are. How are we doing?

Our target is to be better than 20th out of 430 Councils. We are currently 38th and trying to climb higher.

We promise to provide support if you cannot access the internet

Tutoring is available across Cornwall to help people learn internet skills. The Council aims to sign up at least 550 learners this year. Last year, we helped 567 local people who wanted to be able to do more online. In  the first six months of this year we have helped 323 local people. Why not join them?

Find out how to improve your internet skills