Residents' survey 2018

The Council has recently carried out a Residents' Survey

Cornwall Council is committed to listening to residents and acting in their best interests. Regular resident surveys provide feedback on what is important to people and what they think of their Council, the services it provides and its value for money. This supports continuous improvement.

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Enventure Research was appointed via competitive tender to carry out surveys twice a year which:

  • Follows the LGA’s rigorous methodology guidance, ‘Are you being served?’ asking set questions of a representative sample of Cornwall residents to achieve a robust level of confidence in the results.
  • Adopts a telephone (rather than postal) survey method to enable like-for-like comparison of our local results with the LGA’s national results and with other councils through LG Inform benchmarking.

Cornwall Council will benchmark its results against other councils, to provide a robust picture of performance and track changes in resident satisfaction over time as part of its commitment to year-on-year increases. This is the first time Cornwall Council’s performance can be compared ‘like-for-like’ with that of other councils, using LGA methodology.

500 Cornwall residents aged 16+ were interviewed between 29 October 2018 and 12 November 2018 by telephone. A representative sample was used which means that it reflects the population of Cornwall in terms of gender, age and Community Network area.

Results of the 2018 Cornwall Council resident survey show that resident satisfaction with their local area as a place to live is above the national figure. Read the Cornwall Council Residents' Survey 2018 report

Overall, 83% of residents surveyed were satisfied with their local area as a place to live, which is higher than the national figure of 78%.

Residents’ trust in Cornwall Council is above the national figure for the first time with 58% of residents trusting the council a great deal or a fair amount compared to the national figure of 57%.

Resident perception improved on three of four measures that tell us how satisfied residents are, which included:

  • Satisfaction with the way the Council runs things – 51% (higher than 2017, lower than the LGA)
  • Agree that the Council provides good value for money – 42% (higher than 2017, lower than the LGA)
  • Agree the Council is campaigning and standing up for Cornwall – 46% (higher than 2017, no LGA comparator question)
  • Agree that everything was right first time during recent contact with the Council – 62% (lower than 2017, no LGA comparator question)

Resident satisfaction with services is above the national figure for refuse collection, and improved for

  • Keeping public land free of litter and refuse
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Fire, rescue and community services

However, resident perceptions of other key services fell, even where there are high levels of service user satisfaction.

The survey also showed a large number of respondents were ambivalent and were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. This is a similar trend to that observed in the 2017 residents’ survey.

Key indicators to improve resident satisfaction are included in the Council’s 2018-22  four-year business plan and will be reported biannually using this survey. The full survey presents the findings of the first round of telephone surveys, conducted by Enventure Research on behalf of Cornwall Council. A sample size of 500 residents provides a confidence level of +/- 4.3% at the 95% confidence interval, meaning that there is a 95% chance that if we asked the entire adult population of Cornwall, a result would not differ by more than +/- 4.3%. The results have been segmented and analysed by sub-groups to identify any differences in responses from people of different age groups, gender, relative deprivation, and different areas of Cornwall.

What people tell us in the surveys will influence what we prioritise, both in our budget plans for the next four years and as we create a longer term vision for Cornwall.

We used previous residents’ survey results in 2017 to develop our 2018-22 Business Plan and success measures, based on the areas that you said needed improving. In last year's survey the top things that residents thought needed improving were: roads and houses. The results of the 2018 survey indicate that the top things that Cornwall Council should improve were: roads, care for elderly and vulnerable residents and better communication.

Under the Council's proposed Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) around £700 million will be invested in capital schemes over the next five years, the majority of which will be used to support housing, transport and economic development schemes.

Over the next few months we will also be providing other opportunities for everyone to shape our plans and we will be listening to what our residents, businesses and partners tell us to help make sure our plans reflect the needs of Cornwall now and in the future.

You can read about other ways you can have your say on Council business and decisions on our Have your say page which also has details of our current and previous consultations.

You can read about previous residents' surveys and our stakeholder survey below.

The Council has previously undertaken three Residents' Surveys in 2014, 2016 and 2017. All three surveys were undertaken on behalf of the Council by an independent research company, Marketing Means, who randomly selected households from the Council's electoral register.

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