Previous budget engagement

Previous budget engagement

Since 2010 the Council has made savings of £170 million, partially through becoming a Unitary Authority - which merged seven councils into one. Since then we have had to make further savings which will have totalled £196 million by April 2018.

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In 2017 the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council held a series of budget engagement events including: a special stakeholder briefing for businesses; voluntary, community, social enterprise organisations, our public sector partners and local councils; five special budget Community Network Panel cluster meetings; talking to people in town centres across Cornwall; discussed the draft budget with groups and organisations that invited us to meet with them; and attended City, Town and Parish Council Localism Cluster meetings. People were also able to take part in an online survey to let us know how they would spend the budget, whether they would increase Council tax, charge more for some services, and/or reduce or even stop providing some services. Read the full budget online consultation report.

In 2016 the Leader and Deputy Leader held a special 'Budget and priorities' stakeholder event, attended by businesses; city, town and parish councils; voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations; and other Council partners. Attendees heard about the budget challenges and were able to give their views on the draft budget proposals for 2017/18.

In 2015 the Leader and Deputy Leader held a series of 'Open Doors' events for people to hear about and discuss the Council's draft budget for 2016/17.

In 2014 the Council, along with most other Councils across the country, faced Government cuts and had to set a budget that would make savings totalling £196 million by 2018/19.

In 2013 the Council asked partners and the public where they thought the Council could make savings and Cabinet considered what people told us to help inform their budget setting for 2014/15.

In 2012 the Council Leader and Cabinet held a series of Cornwall Conversations about budget pressures and where we could make savings.

In 2011 the Council Leader and Cabinet held more Hard Choices events to explain and discuss the savings we had to make and the difficult decisions we had to make to be able to balance the budget.

In 2010 we had some Hard Choices to make about how to make savings and do things differently.