The pledge for fair funding for Cornwall

Do you want to make a difference to our local public services and improve the way they are funded?

There has never been a better moment to make your voice heard.

Fairer funding would give Cornwall an extra £39 million for public services, an extra £70 per resident

By signing this pledge you will be showing your support for our fairer funding

#StandUpForCornwall campaign, which is asking central government for a change in the distribution of funding to Cornwall.

By taking part you will not just be helping Cornwall’s residents today, but future generations of Cornwall’s citizens who want to live and work in a thriving county.

We aim to present this pledge of support signed by you, Cornwall’s residents and businesses to the Minister for Communities and Local Government to support our case. We are also joining other councils to get behind a new funding model which unlocks £39m for Cornwall.

Together, we can convince the Government to create fairer funding for Cornwall. Take action, and sign up to show them you want to protect local services.  

The closing date for pledge signatures is 30 March 2018.

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