Electoral Services

We organise all elections in Cornwall for Cornwall Council, Town and Parish Councils, UK Parliament, European Parliament, Police and Crime Commissioner, plus Business Improvement District ballots and Neighbourhood Plan referendums.

For Cornwall Council elections, there are currently 122 Electoral Divisions, each electing one Cornwall councillor, except for the Bude division which elects two Cornwall councillors.

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There are currently 213 parishes and six parliamentary constituencies in Cornwall.

Electoral Services also manage Individual Electoral Registration, undertake the annual canvass of all residential households and publish the register of electors. We deal with related matters like monthly applications to be included on the register or to vote by post.

We act as a consultee in government boundary reviews that affect Cornwall. We also deal with reviews of the polling districts and polling places that define where you vote.

We conduct Community Governance Reviews of parish electoral arrangements, to consider issues including warding parish areas and the number of councillors to be elected.

We manage Business Improvement District ballots on behalf of local groups, to decide if a Business Improvement District can be created or not.

We conduct Neighbourhood Planning Referendums on behalf of communities who wish to have a Neighbourhood plan to determine how land is to be developed in their area.