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Electorate forecast information

On 4 December 2018, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England published the final recommendations for Cornwall and updated their interactive maps to show the final recommendations. Further information is available on the Commission website.

We have also updated the Cornwall Council interactive mapping

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The Commission has now completed its review.

As part of the electoral review, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) required the Council to provide electorate forecasts for five years after the end of the current electoral review.  The review ended in December 2018 and so the forecasts had to be provided for 2023.

The Council engaged a specialist company to assist with the forecasting work. As requested by the Council, they prepared forecasts of the electorate for Cornwall having regard to a number of different factors including:

  • projected housing development;
  • trends for births and deaths;
  • the projected movement of people within Cornwall;
  • the projected movement of people into and out of Cornwall; and
  • population forecasts published by the Office for National Statistics.

The forecast electorate for 2023 was used by the Commission in determining  the boundaries of the electoral divisions for Cornwall Council from the elections in May 2021. 

The Commission had regard to their following overriding principles:

  • Delivering electoral equality for local voters – ensuring that each local councillor represents roughly the same number of people so that the value of your vote is the same regardless of where you live in the Council’s area;
  • Reflecting the interests and identities of local communities – establishing electoral arrangements which, as far as possible, maintain local ties and follow boundaries that are easily identifiable; and
  • Promoting effective and convenient local government – ensuring that the electoral divisions can be represented effectively by their elected representative(s) and that the new electoral arrangements as a whole allow the Council to conduct its business effectively.

To help people access the electorate forecast data in a simple and meaningful way we prepared data sets showing the forecast electorate by Community Network Area. In each data set, we show the electorate by polling district and grouped into the parishes that make up the Community Network Area.

The data sets also give a preliminary indication of:

  • the number of electoral divisions there might be in each Community Network Area from 2023,
  • the number of Cornwall Councillors, and
  • the potential number of electors each Councillor might represent. 

The average electorates for the whole County for 2023 are also given so that a comparison can be made.

The data sets for each of our nineteen Community Network Areas are available below. Please click on the link you require:

To better understand the areas covered by each of the polling districts you might want to access the electoral divisions maps via our Polling Districts and Polling Places Review 2014 page of our website. 

Under the ‘Schedules and Maps’ heading of the above page you can select the Parliamentary Constituency covering the area you are interested in and then select the electoral division you want to look at. 

Unfortunately these maps aren’t grouped under Community Network Areas, but they do show the current polling districts.