Community Governance Reviews

Cornwall Council has powers under the the Local Government and Public Health Involvement Act, 2007 to conduct Community Governance Reviews of parish and town council areas and electoral arrangements, in accordance with government guidance.

A Community Governance Review may look at the whole or part of an area to consider one or more of the following:

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  • the creation, merger, alteration or abolition of parishes;
  • the naming of parishes and the style of new parishes;
  • the electoral arrangements for parishes (i.e. the ordinary year of election, council size, number of councillors to be elected to the council and parish warding); and
  • the grouping of parishes.

A review should ensure that local governance continues to be effective and convenient and that it reflects the identities and interests of local communities.

The recommendations arising from any community governance review should deliver improved community engagement, more cohesive communities, better local democracy and result in more efficient delivery of local services.

Local people can petition Cornwall Council to undertake a community governance review. When a Community Governance Review takes place we will publish a formal notice of the review and details of how to respond.