Cornwall Council has the following two Scrutiny Committees:

  • Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee
  • Scrutiny Management Committee
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We will provide details of the committee work programmes when they are available.


In simple terms, the Scrutiny Committees exist to make sure that the Council's policies, plans and actions are the right ones for the local community.

Their role is largely about holding the cabinet to account on behalf of the public – making sure that their decisions are in the public interest. It's about being a "critical friend" – challenging why decisions are being made, ensuring that there's a good rationale behind them and that the needs of the local community have been taken into consideration.

Scrutiny Committees do not have decision making responsibility. Their role is to make recommendations to the Cabinet.

In holding the Cabinet to account, the Committees monitor the decision taken in response to their recommendation and the resulting action.

The Scrutiny Committees are supported by Overview and Scrutiny Officers and Democratic Services Officers. The Overview and Scrutiny Officers' role is to assist Members in the identification of items for the work programme, to provide help in scoping projects, undertaking research and organising consultation.  The Democratic Services Officers are responsible for the organisation of Committee meetings and the development of agendas and minutes.

Democratic Services Officers and Overview and Scrutiny Officers


Scrutiny Officer

Democratic Services Officer

E-mail Address

Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

Leanne Martin

Elliot Riddington

Scrutiny Management Committee

Anita Searby

Nicky Hooley


Both Committees may set up Select Committees, which may be in the form of single inquiry days or a longer piece of work over 2-3 meetings.

You can find out about the membership of the scrutiny committees and view agendas, reports and minutes from committee meetings by visiting the Committees and Membership section of our website.