Your council tax bill explained

 This page will help you to understand your annual council tax bill.

The top part of the bill covers personal details

The top section of your bill shows the main details of your council tax account, such as the names and address of anyone liable for the bill, the tax year the bill covers, the date of the bill and the band of the property etc.

The easiest way to pay your council tax is by setting up a direct debit.

The bar code can be used to pay your council tax bill at over 700 Paypoint locations and Post Offices across Cornwall.  If you have a smart phone then you can scan the QR code and it will take you straight to our payment page. 

You will also find your council tax account reference here – please quote this whenever you contact the council or make a payment.  The easiest way to manage your account is via Self Serve – your council tax account online. Once registered there is no need for you to visit us, ring us or write to us – you can view and manage your account on line at a time that suits you. 

The middle part shows how your Council Tax charge is calculated

You will see the address of the property to which the bill relates (if different to the contact address above) and a breakdown of charges for the current financial year. Find out more about this year's charges at council tax charges 2018.

The bottom part shows how your bill is calculated and how you have chosen to pay

The description of charge section gives a breakdown of the period for which the Council Tax is due, including any discounts, exemptions or benefit awarded.

The Payment details area shows the due dates for the instalments on your Council Tax bill and your current method of payment.  If you have a direct debit already set up it will say “Direct debits due” followed by the amounts to be collected and the date of collection. This is the easiest and most efficient way to pay your council tax bill - Find out more about setting up a direct debit.

If it says “Instalments due” there is no direct debit set up and you must make your own payment on or before the dates stated, see how to pay your council tax.

If there is an outstanding balance from an earlier year it will show in the further information section at the bottom of the bill.

Important note: If we have agreed a payment arrangement with you and you are paying council tax for more than one bill, or on more than one account, it is very important you pay the exact amount due for each bill or account the correct time. If you do not follow the agreed payment schedule your payments may not be allocated to the correct debt on time, which could result in further recovery action and possible additional costs.

You must let us know about any change in your circumstances, such as moving house or any change that affects any discount or exemption we have given you. If you don’t do this within 21 days you may be liable for a penalty.

If you need to report or request something, please use the change of circumstances for council tax service.