Money off council tax if you are the only person who has to pay

If you're the only person over 18 in your home, or the only person over 18 who is counted for council tax you can claim the single person's discount.

 A single person discount reduces your bill by 25%.

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Apply for a discount

If you live with someone who isn't counted, it may mean that you can get a 25 percent discount off your bill

These people aren't counted for council tax:

Education and training:

  • school and college leavers
  • students
  • apprentices
  • traditional student nurses
  • youth training trainees
  • spouse/civil partner or dependant of a foreign student

Medical and health:

  • severely mentally impaired people
  • hospital patients
  • patients in homes
  • carers and care workers

Certain kinds of job:

  • visiting forces
  • diplomats
  • international HQ members

Other people who don’t count:

  • persons for whom child benefit is payable (usually those under 19)
  • persons in detention (for example, in prison)
  • residents of hostels
  • religious communities

Any discount arising will depend on the number of adults living in the property.

  • If there is only one adult in your property that does not fit in to one of the above categories, you may be entitled to a 25% discount.
  • If all the adults in your property fit in to one of the above categories, you may be entitled to a discount or an exemption