Fraud awareness

Cornwall Council regularly receives reports from residents to say they have been contacted either over the phone, on line or by letter, with offers to reduce their Council tax band, or refund an overpayment. The resident is usually asked to make an upfront payment or supply their bank or card details. Anti-fraud agencies also issue alerts to make us aware of these activities.

Cornwall Council in the course of administering your Council Tax account may contact you, but we encourage all residents to be vigilant and make sure that any contact is genuine.

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If your account is in credit and you are due a refund we will have or can send you an amended bill to confirm this.

If you still have payments to make on your council tax, your  bill or other correspondence from us will show this.

The most recent alert has been issued by ( Data and Intelligence Services):

Residents should be aware of “ phishing” e mails being sent regarding a potential refund with asks them to click on a link and complete an online form. Such e mails should be ignored and deleted.

If you think you have been the victim of fraud please report it via the Action Fraud website.