Supplier Invoice Payment Performance - Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (Reg. 113)

Public Contract Regulations 2015 – Cornwall Council Annua

In accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (Regulation 113); Cornwall Council publishes performance data for the financial year ending 31 March for payment of valid and undisputed Supplier Invoices within 30 days.

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This statutory requirement supersedes the Councils former payment performance criteria and will be published on an annual basis for the previous financial year:

Financial   Year

Proportion   of undisputed* Invoices paid within 30 days

Value   of interest liability of Invoices paid after 30 days

Value   of identified interest in relation to late payment charges paid to suppliers














* Invoices imported to the council’s finance system from other council systems which have been disputed cannot currently be identified. Therefore all internally imported invoices, approximately 75% of all invoices paid, are included in reported payment performance figures. Cornwall Council is currently reviewing identifying all disputed Invoices and consequently the figures above may be updated accordingly to ensure accurate reporting of the legislation requirement.