Council tax 2018

The Budget and Council Tax for the 2018-19 financial year was set on 20 February 2018. This covers the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

Like all local authorities, Cornwall Council continues to face significant financial challenges in trying to protect essential services from the impact of austerity and significant cuts in our funding from Central Government.

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In setting a budget for 2018-19 we have also looked further ahead to set a Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) that is the best budget for Cornwall during these austere times.

The 2018-19 budget has been set based on an overall increase in council tax of 4.99%. This includes 2% resulting from powers granted by the Government to raise council tax to provide much needed money for adult social care services which support vulnerable people in Cornwall. The overall increase equates to £1.34 per week for a Band D property.

Central Government funding for local authorities was confirmed in February 2018. This is largely as expected and was in line with the Government’s four year funding settlement to all authorities, which Cornwall Council has signed up to and which provides a greater degree of certainty over future funding levels.

However the funding reductions that will be made during this period are significant and, when compounded by service demand pressures and inflation, results in a requirement for savings of £35m to be made in 2018-19. Over the period 2018-19 to 2021-22 we have planned for the Council to make savings of some £77m in total.

Thanks to our budget planning over the past few years the Council is in a strong position to deal with the financial challenges ahead. We have worked hard to become more efficient and effective by restructuring the council and delivering services in different ways. We are also working with Town and Parish councils, local residents and the voluntary and community sector to give communities more say in the running of their local services.