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Cornwall Council asks residents to share experiences of Covid-19 test system

Cornwall Council is asking residents to tell us about their experiences of the Covid-19 testing system so we can let the government know the issues you’re facing and where improvements need to be made. 

We’d like to hear from you about any difficulties you’ve had with the test booking system, how far you’ve had to travel for tests, and how quickly you’ve received results. 

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The information you provide us with will be used to make recommendations to government about urgent changes that need to be made to the programmeso it’s easier for anyone who needs one to access a test. 

You can get in touch with us by direct message on our Facebook page at or via email at 

Cornwall Council portfolio holder for children, wellbeing and public health, Sally Hawken, said: “Quick and easily available testing is an absolutely vital weapon in our fight against Covid-19, but there have been some well-documented issues with the government’s testing programme and I’m deeply concerned that not everyone who needs a test can access one. 

“We’ve heard cases of people being asked to travel miles out of Cornwall for a test, or having to wait more than a week for the results – neither of which is remotely acceptable. 

It’s clear to me that if we’re to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Cornwall, we need an efficient, easily accessible testing systemAt the moment I’m not convinced we have that. 

That’s why we’d like to hear from anyone who has struggled with the testing system about their experiences. If we understand what the problems are here in Cornwall we can put the case to government that urgent changes need to be made.” 

Rachel Wigglesworth, Cornwall Council’s director of public health, said: “If we’re to keep Covid cases low in Cornwall it’s important that we have an efficient and easily available testing programme in place for our residents to use if they need to. 

“By understanding where the problems with the current system are, we can work together with our colleagues in the NHS and with government to make the changes that the current system needs in order to better serve our residents.” 

You can find more information about testing, including how and where to get a test, on our website here.


Published on September 14, 2020