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Cornish adopters encourage others to come forward

Two Cornish families are backing Cornwall Council to break down the myths around adoption.

The families are speaking out at the end of National Adoption Week as there are currently 22 young people in Cornwall in need of a loving home, including a group of two siblings and three groups of three.

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Charlotte (not her real name) is a single mum and she had always thought about adopting: “I’ve always wanted to be a mother and I knew I would be a mother at some point, but I had been a career woman for a long, long time and it just never happened.  I had been married, but I wasn’t able to get pregnant and then that didn’t work out and as far as motherhood; adoption was always part of the story, that could happen.  

“Because I worked in education and because I had worked with children that had been adopted and been through the supporting process, I knew a lot about it.  I also thought that if I was going to be a mother, it didn’t matter if I gave birth or not.”

It doesn’t matter about your marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability or employment status. None of these are a barrier to adopting a child - each application is based on its own merit.

Charlotte added: I looked online and it was very clear that you could be any type of family and it was more about what you could provide and I knew I could provide a loving home and a secure childhood. I was really supported; the process is long because they need to find out lots about you and actually, as a parent it’s a long process, your pregnant for nine months and before that you are trying to get pregnant. 

“For me it wasn’t about being pregnant, it was all about having a child and I had been looking at adoption for many years.  Being a single person, it wasn’t a problem and as soon as I approached Cornwall Council, everyone I spoke to was so supportive.”

The theme for this year’s National Adoption Week 2020 is ‘priority’ children; those who tend to wait longest for a loving home, such as sibling groups. In addition to sibling groups, loving forever families are needed for older children and children with additional or complex health needs.

Steven and his partner have adopted two young children and praised the support they received: “

We contacted Cornwall Council and went along to one of their information events, so that we could find out as much as possible about how we would go about adopting.  We went home and thought about it for a month and then we got back in touch with the council with all the paperwork and said; ok’ we’re ready.

“Through the entire process you are supported, and I cannot thank the adoption team enough.  They were so thorough, but the key focus was all about making sure it was right for the children.”

Taking home, a child for the first time is a nerve racking and exciting time for parents, but when you adopt you have the chance to change a child’s life forever. 

Portfolio Holder for Children and Well Being, Councillor Sally Hawken, said: “Adopting a child is a chance to change their life and yours forever; by providing a loving home. We need people from a mixture of backgrounds to come forward, because we have a diverse range of young people that need support.

“We are especially interested to hear from anyone interested in taking on a sibling group.  We understand this represents a very different challenge for prospective parents, but our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way.”

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