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Trading Standards warn of bogus insulation sales team in Cornwall

Cornwall Council Trading Standards have issued an urgent warning to members of the public after two doorstep conmen were caught cold-calling door-to-door in Roche on Thursday 21 May.

The two men were touting for home insulation work, trying to persuade home-owners that the work would be done free of charge and badgering them into signing a contract there and then.

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The so-called salesmen claimed to be working for a firm called ESN Insulation Grants Ltd of Coventry, West Midlands and were seen to be driving a black Peugeot car, registration LN11 YLD.

When challenged by the Trading Standards Police Community Support Officer the two men claimed to have been staying in Cornwall at a hotel but agreed to return home to Coventry.

Residents in the area reported being subjected to a ‘hard sell’ by the men and have now been advised to cancel any contract.

Rob Nolan, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Protection reminded the public not to deal with anyone who calls without a prior appointment:

“It seems incredible to think that anyone would genuinely travel so far in breach of the current restrictions to try and sell home insulation but the lies and misrepresentation being used in this instance clearly suggests that these were not genuine salespeople at all.  

“To break the current health restrictions by cold-calling from door-to-door shows a complete lack of regard for the safety of the residents in Cornwall.

“And the tactics used to try and secure sales should serve as a clear reminder to everyone that they must never deal with anyone who knocks at the door without a prior invitation, no matter how persuasive or genuine they may appear.”