Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Safety first in Bank Holiday week - Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has warned residents not to get complacent and let their guard down over the bank holiday weekend, and to make sure that Fire, Ambulance, Police and Coastguards aren’t diverted to thoughtless and avoidable incidents.

With eased limits on mileage, roads are bound to be busier. So please drive with extra care, remembering that more people are walking and cycling at present.

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A day on the beach may seem an attractive option, but no beaches have lifeguard cover yet. A programme for this is being agreed with the RNLI, but it is not yet in place, so without lifeguards our strong advice is not to go into or onto the water. Read Water Safety advice on our website. This weekend’s unusually high swell and rip tides pose extra dangers.

Despite these warnings if you choose to go boating make sure you’re shipshape and have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on board. Please read our Boat Safety advice.          

This has been quite a long dry spell, increasing the risk of fire. If you are having a barbecue please don’t leave it unattended or set it up near a fence or shed. Please read our Barbecue advice.

Also, please reduce the risk of wildfires by avoiding lighting open fires such as bonfires, not setting off fireworks or flying lanterns, and making sure cigarettes are put out completely. Please read our advice on avoiding wildfires.

Rob Nolan, Cabinet Member responsible for our fire and rescue services, said: “All our emergency services need to be able to respond to unforeseeable incidents, and not those that are entirely preventable. Our fire teams are still supporting the Ambulance service in reacting to Covid 19, and we must keep them free to do so.

“Of course everyone is longing to enjoy outdoor exercise and leisure in good weather, but the health crisis is still with us, so social distancing must be a priority. And please think twice before entering the water, before risking a fire, and when out in traffic.

“We all have a continuing duty to keep each other safe, and to make sure emergency teams are not diverted from their lifesaving work.”