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Residents praise communities and call for change ahead of the ‘Cornwall we Want’ launch

A new survey of residents conducted by Cornwall Council shows how our communities pulled together during lockdown - and are calling for change.

500 residents of all ages and walks of life took part in the survey. They were asked about the impact of the pandemic on their lives and livelihoods, and about their hopes and fears for the future of Cornwall.

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The results provide a snap shot of what life was really like for people in Cornwall during lockdown.

They show that only one in ten residents want things to go back to the way they were before the Coronavirus pandemic.

Over half of residents said that they had helped others, and 21 percent said they would like to continue to do so in the future.

73 percent agreed that local communities had pulled together during the crisis, underlining the strength and depth of community response in Cornwall.

Looking to the future, when asked what one thing residents would like to see changed once the pandemic is over, the top four choices were a cleaner environment, closer communities, reduced traffic and more use of walking and cycling and a greater appreciation of family.

The Council is sharing the finding as it launches its biggest every listening project, The Cornwall We Want, in the hope that as many residents as possible will join in to help shape our collective future.

Council Leader Julian German thanked those who had taken part in the survey and outlined the plans to reach out to residents of all ages and stages in Cornwall, so that everyone has the opportunity to be part of the conversation.

He said: “The Coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to Cornwall, the country and the entire world. The pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of how we live our lives, the health and wellbeing of our family and friends, our jobs, businesses and wider economy.

“From the start, Cornwall Council has been working to keep the public informed and safe, to protect and care for the most vulnerable in our society and to support livelihoods in every way possible. This remains our top priority, but we are also determined that Cornwall should bounce forward - not just back - as we work together to build The Cornwall We Want.

“We want to harness the tremendous community spirit that was so apparent during lockdown and hear ideas from residents and stakeholders across Cornwall about how we can work together to address the biggest challenges facing us.

“The majority of residents who took part in this survey wanted to ensure that lessons were learned - and understanding their hopes and fears will help us to so that and create a legacy that we can all be proud of.

“This residents survey is just the start of the conversation, as we work to understand how the pandemic has affected our communities and to ask for your views on the future so that we can together build a more sustainable, healthy, safe, vibrant and inclusive future for one and all.”

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