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Q&A: Temporary mortuary at Cornwall Airport Newquay

Cornwall Council has received a number of enquiries regarding the provision of a temporary mortuary at Cornwall Airport Newquay.  We have produced the Q&A below to answer those queries:


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Q. Has the temporary mortuary at Cornwall Airport Newquay been used since its creation?   

A. No. Given the initial government models we took an early decision to implement the plan - actions which were agreed across the Local Resilience Forums in the South West. The preparation and creation of the facility has been part of a long-prepared plan for such situations.  


Q. How much has its creation and upkeep cost?   

A. The allocated budget is £1.4 million. All costs have not yet been finalised, but we anticipate that will not need to use the full allocated budget. Aside from a small number of security personnel, staffing will be covered by redeployment of council staff as and when needed. Our health colleagues also have staff outlined for redeployment to the site where needed.  


Q. Is the facility still available for use, and if so, has a date been set for its closure?   

A. Any decision to stand down the facility will be made in conjunction with our partners at the LRF. 


Q.  What will decommissioning the facility involve? 

We have used a permanent structure, but all the internal fixings can be taken apart and the building returned to its previous state. The site will be in place until it is deemed it is no longer necessary.  


Q. Who will meet the costs of the temporary mortuary?   

A. The government has provided the council with some funding to deal with the pandemic, but it won’t be enough to cover all Covid related expenditure. We are continuing to lobby the government for more funding. 


Q. Will the mortuary have any effect on the airport’s return to normal operations? 

A. The temporary mortuary will not have an impact on day-to-day operations at the airport.