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Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Local Outbreak Management Plan is published amid calls for more clarity from government

Cornwall Council has called on the government to provide more clarity on what powers local authorities will have to deal with a potential coronavirus outbreak.

It comes as Cornwall Council and the Isles of Scilly publish their Local Outbreak Management Plan, which sets out how any potential outbreak would be contained.

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The plan details how organisations from across Cornwall would help limit the effects of an outbreak and describes how the council’s Local Outbreak Engagement Board will monitor progress and liaise directly with Government ministers.

But Cornwall Council leader and chair of the Local Engagement Outbreak Board, Julian German, called on the government to provide more details about the powers local authorities will have to effectively implement a localised lockdown.

He said: “This plan details our response to any future coronavirus outbreaks and how we will work with our partners to prevent it spreading. I thank all those involved in helping put it together.

“But we still need clarity from government about what powers Cornwall Council will have to enforce any regional or localised lockdown, which would have a serious impact on our communities, businesses, and the livelihoods of residents in affected areas.

“Where is that guidance? We are yet to see it, and this continuing confusion risks undermining the hard work we and other local authorities have done to keep our residents safe and limit the impact of Covid-19.”

The Local Outbreak Management plan was developed in close cooperation with other Local Authorities in the South West to make sure it meets the needs of Cornwall’s residents, but also fits in with the work of neighbouring authorities.

It outlines how close partnerships between local organisations like public health, the police, schools and care homes, alongside businesses and key industries such as tourism, will work.

Cornwall Council’s interim Director of Public Health, Rachel Wigglesworth, will lead a small committee made up of key personnel who can mobilise all the resources needed to provide a swift response to managing an outbreak. 

She said: "This comprehensive plan details how we will work with the new NHS Test and Trace Service and ensures we have the necessary capacity and capability to provide a fully co-ordinated approach to contain and manage local outbreaks of Covid-19. 

"The plan isn't set in stone. It provides a blueprint for action, but it will be regularly updated as new national guidance is produced or legislation changes. 

"Containing local outbreaks successfully will need to be a co-ordinated effort with specialists from Public Health England, the NHS, social care, education, the police, the private sector, employers and the community and voluntary sectors." 

Julian German added: “I’d like to express my thanks to our residents, who have acted with great sense and responsibility throughout this pandemic. Your efforts mean we have had the lowest number of outbreaks throughout the crisis by some way. 

"We all continue to have a vital role to play in reducing the spread of the virus and preventing further outbreaks. Please continue to follow guidance and advice and keep up social distancing, wash your hands regularly and, if you think you might have the virus, get a test and self-isolate".

You can find out more about the plan by visiting the Council’s website.

The council also has a frequently asked questions section on the Local Outbreak Management Plan.

Story published on July 1, 2020