Annual council meeting to take place at County Hall next week

The election of a chairman and leader will top the agenda when Cornwall Council meets at County Hall next week.

The leader will be confirmed following a vote by the council on Tuesday, and their first task will be to appoint the cabinet portfolio holders.

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The appointment of members to the various committees across the council will also take place at the meeting.

Councillors will also hear two important speeches during the meeting.  The first, on the current state of Cornwall in the national context, will be given by the leader.  The second, which reflects on the stewardship of the Council over the past year, will be given by the Chief Executive, Kate Kennally.

One recommendation from cabinet will be put to members for approval, a plan to invest £1.225 million to support the creation of new businesses and up to 155 jobs in the research, development and innovation sector in Cornwall.

The money will be used to lever a further investment of £18.307m from partners, to support four innovative projects run by Falmouth University, the University of Exeter and Plymouth University.

Three motions submitted by members will also be debated on the day, one on the need to reform the system of building regulations, one calling for a ban on the use of netting on Cornish hedgerows, and one on changes to the education funding formula.

The meeting will take place in Council Chamber at County Hall in Truro on Tuesday 21 May, starting at 10.30am.

The meeting is open to members of the public, and can also be watched via webcast.