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Make sure your voice is heard at election time

“Don’t be left without a voice in a future election.”  That’s the message from Cornwall Council as the authority begins to compile its electoral register for the next year.

The Council is required to produce a new and accurate list of voters on 1 December each year which then stays in force for the following twelve months.

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The register contains the names and addresses of people who are eligible to vote in elections.

The Council will shortly be posting nearly 266,000 electoral household enquiry forms to homes across Cornwall, signalling the start of this year’s annual canvass. The forms show who is currently registered to vote at each property.

The Council hopes to encourage residents receiving the form to go online either to confirm the existing details for their address or provide details of any changes as this is the quickest and cheapest method.

Anyone without access to the internet can still confirm their existing details by Freephone or SMS text or posting back the paper form.

Once added to the household form, new residents should immediately go online to register to vote at because if they don’t do this the Council will send them a registration form a few weeks later.

The Council’s electoral services team hopes as many people as possible will provide this information without the need for further reminders helping save council taxpayers’ money.   

However, starting in October, canvassers will visit households who have still not responded to deliver reminders and help people fill out their forms.

Geoff Waxman, Principal Electoral Officer at Cornwall Council, said: “People are required by law to provide the information asked for on the forms. While most people respond quickly, we always get a small number who do not return their forms.

“If people look out for their forms and respond promptly, preferably online, then they can help us to make savings which can go towards other essential services.

“Our message is simple, don’t be left without a voice in a future election. We live in a democracy, and we want everyone to be able to take part in the democratic process.”

Anyone does not receive a form is asked to contact the Council’s electoral registration team on 0300 123 1115.