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Day services in Cornwall to be transformed in partnership with the people who use them

Day support services for people in Cornwall are set to be transformed, working with people who use services to make them fit for purpose so that they offer people the opportunity to learn new skills, access  employment opportunities and to make friends and develop relationships.

Cornwall Council is asking for the views of people who use services and their families, day services staff, and providers, to ‘co-design’ community day time activities that will promote well-being and self-reliance for people at all stages of their lives.

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Healthwatch Cornwall are working with the council to advise on the ways they engage with people who use services, building on the recommendations Healthwatch Cornwall made in their report, “No Changes About Me Without Me” in 2018.

Cornwall Council portfolio holder for adults, Rob Rotchell said: “We know people no longer want to use building based day services because we have seen a big reduction in the numbers of new people attending. Services are already underutilised and will become unsustainable.

“We therefore need to offer more choice and flexibility in how people spend their day. People should be able to take part in activities that develop their interests and skills, and provide opportunities for them to contribute to their local community, and access education and employment opportunities.”

“People are living longer and their ambitions for how they live their lives and spend their time are changing. The total population of people aged 65 and over is predicted to increase by 33% by 2030. It is expected that many more people will have a learning disability, autism, visual or hearing impairments, dementia, mobility issues or severe depression so it is important that the services available are able to meet these differing needs, one size does not fit all.“

Rob added: “We want to support people to be safe, in control, and to make choices about how they want to live; so that our communities are strong, healthy, safe and resilient. We want people in Cornwall to have the right support at the right time, and for this support to be sustainable.”

People are able to get involved in a number of ways, sharing ideas at group meetings, using an online survey, via email or by telephone.

There is a full schedule of events and how people can have their say listed on the Council’s website.

The engagement activity is expected to end in December 2019.

Once all of the feedback has been gathered more detailed plans will be developed. These plans will then be put through a formal consultation expected to begin in early 2020.

Posted on 15 July