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Cornwall’s leaders will fight climate crisis together

UPDATE 24 July 2019: Cornwall Council’s Cabinet has given unanimous approval to the Council’s trailblazing plan to tackle the climate emergency and help Cornwall cut its carbon footprint.


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The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Leadership Board has pledged to join forces with Cornwall Council to be ‘leaders in the fight against climate change’.

It comes after Cornwall Council leader Councillor Julian German addressed the Board at a meeting in New County Hall today (Friday, July 12).

Cornwall Council declared a climate emergency earlier this year and will present a report on tackling climate change to its Cabinet on July 24.

Cllr German urged the Board, made up of leaders across Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, to help shape the Council’s plans for Cornwall to strive towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

He said: “I would like the leadership board to help shape our collective actions, providing the necessary leadership to help us drive forward the changes that will be required from us all.

“No one organisation can ever hope to drive a fundamental shift in the way we work, live, produce food, deal with waste, generate energy and travel. “Only through systems leadership can we begin to make the shifts required to transition from a fossil fuel driven society to one that better balances the needs of the planet to the lifestyles and ambitions of our future generations.”

Cllr German said that the Board had a crucial role to play as the strategic voice for Cornwall in discussions with central government about fighting climate change.

He went on to say Cornwall could lead the way in combating the climate crisis.

He said: “This is a critical juncture in history; for future generations we need to act now, and I firmly believe that Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly can be leaders in the fight against climate change; not because there is glory in first mover advantage, but because we can show what can be done through joined up leadership that will show other regions what strong local systems leadership can deliver.”

Members of the Board expressed their support for Cornwall Council’s bid to fight climate change.

Mark Duddridge, Chair of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “We agree there is a climate emergency and the evidence is now compelling that urgent action is required on climate change and biodiversity. That means we need to develop and implement a different approach to economic development. We don’t have all of the answers, but the LEP is united in a desire to be part of positive change and to play our part in leading Cornwall and Scilly’s response to the biggest economic challenge of the age.

“We will start by positioning ‘Clean Growth’ at the heart of our Industrial Strategy, which will take shape this year. This will not only support new sectors, but help our understanding of how we change the economy as a whole. We need new approaches, new measures of success and a more sophisticated approach to economic growth which values the environment.”

In a submitted statement Chris Blong, Deputy Chair of NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “I will strongly recommend to NHS Kernow Governing Body that the health and care system play their part in helping tackle what is a threat to our individual and collective wellbeing.

“Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have the natural resources at our disposal in areas such as deep geothermal, solar, wind and marine to be a UK vanguard and we must take a leadership role locally, nationally and internationally to help people understand the challenges and opportunities of striving to become carbon neutral by 2030.”

Toby Parkins, President of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement: “My immediate thoughts are that sustainability changes can create opportunities for businesses to do things differently, and that can create innovation as well as cost savings.”

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Leadership Board is made up of the following members:

  • Julian German - Leader of Cornwall Council
  • Adam Paynter - Deputy Leader of Cornwall Council
  • Robert Francis - Chairman of the Council of the Isles of Scilly
  • Linda Taylor - Leader of the Conservative Group on Cornwall Council (the largest opposition group)
  • Alison Hernandez - Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Paul O’Brien - Chair of Cornwall Association of Local Councils
  • Mark Duddridge - Chair of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Matthew Thomson - Chair of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Nature Partnership
  • Rob Rotchell - Cornwall Council Portfolio holder for Adults
  • Chris Blong - Deputy Chair NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Toby Parkins - President of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Plus representation from one of the region’s Members of Parliament

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet has given unanimous approval to the Council’s trailblazing plan to tackle the climate emergency and help Cornwall cut its carbon footprint.