Full Council supports plans for development of Langarth Farm in Truro

Plans to develop a site at Langarth Farm in Truro took another step forward today (22 January 2019) when full Council approved an additional £159 million investment for the project.

The full Council meeting today agreed to invest in bringing forward a high quality housing scheme and set the tone for further development of the area. This also means the Council will take a lead in its design and how it will be delivered for the benefit of residents, in order to build a community and not a series of housing estates.

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The Council plans to deliver a mixture of housing types, including a significant proportion of affordable housing, social housing, extra care homes for older people and housing owned by the Council for people who currently struggle with poor quality and short term leases in the private rented sector.

The Council wants to work with existing communities to develop and submit a new outline planning application based on a new masterplan to be developed for the area and in parallel with a review of the Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan. 

The need for infrastructure is critical and the Council has agreed plans for a new primary school to be built in parallel with the first wave of development at Langarth Farm so that it is ready for the children of the new residents.  Plans also include the council building drainage improvements, an extension to the Park and Ride, a community centre, green spaces and health facilities.

There is also funding for design and survey work to support a planning application for the proposed Northern Access Road (NAR).  The Council has submitted an application for grant funding from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) to help open up access to the new development. A decision is expected on the grant application this spring and in the meantime, this investment from the Council will be used on its design and to buy land for its development which will support new junctions onto the A390 and support a new road which prioritises walking and cycling routes.

Cornwall Council Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economy Bob Egerton said: “We need to ensure that developments are coordinated for the benefit of all. If the Council did not intervene, we risk some sites being built by individual developers under existing planning permissions. 

“We could end up with an uncoordinated series of estates without the appropriate infrastructure, or, instead, duplication of infrastructure, to the detriment of the whole community. This decision means the Council ill have much more influence and can ensure the needs of residents are front and centre.”

Story posted 22 January 2019