New survey reveals improvement in resident satisfaction in Cornwall

The latest survey of Cornwall’s residents is showing signs of positive progress by Cornwall Council in many areas, according to a new survey published today as part of the council’s quarterly performance reporting to Cabinet.

The survey, conducted at the end of last year, shows the council met three performance targets with improved results:

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  • Resident perceptions of Cornwall Council’s value for money, which are in line with the LGA national results and 14 percentage points higher than in the 2017 resident survey
  • 46% of residents agree the council is standing up and campaigning of Cornwall, 12 percentage points higher than in the 2017 resident survey
  • Overall more than half (51%) of residents are satisfied with the way that Cornwall Council runs things, five percentage points higher than in 2017, though lower than the national figure.

Resident satisfaction with the local area as a place to live remains higher than national results collated by the Local Government Association, (LGA) with 83% of Cornwall residents satisfied compared to the LGA figure of78%.  Residents’ trust in Cornwall Council moved slightly ahead of the national LGA results (58% to 57%). 

Council Leader Adam Paynter welcomed the improvements in the survey results and said the Council was moving in the right direction with more work to be done.

Adam Paynter said: “The survey provides us with a benchmark against other councils and an independent assessment of how we are performing.

“It’s a positive sign that more people feel satisfied with the place they live, they feel that the council is standing up for them and they feel that the council delivers value for money. 

“The challenge now is to ensure this positive shift is sustained, while we also consider areas for improvement. For example, only three in five people who contacted the council recently said we got everything right first time (62% in 2017 compared to 72% in 2018).   

“We have a strong focus across all services on delivering the Council’s Customer Service Promise to get things right first time for customers and we will continue to work to improve this for our residents.” Cllr Paynter said.

Services residents were most satisfied with included:

  • Refuse collections – 81% satisfied
  • Recycling services – 77%
  • Fire and rescue service – 75%
  • Parks and open spaces – 60%
  • Keeping public land clear of litter and refuse – 60%
  • Street cleaning – 57%

When asked to name the single thing the council most needs to improve, respondents most commonly said:

  • Better/more road improvements – 16%
  • Better care for the elderly and vulnerable – 8%
  • Better communication – 8%.

Councillor Paynter said resident feedback had been taken into account with the budget proposals discussed at the Cabinet today including an additional £30million for road maintenance and potholes, as well as an extra £17 million over four years for adult social care.

Posted on 13 February 2019

The full survey results can be accessed at