Landslip in Lostwithiel

Cornwall Council has received reports of a landslip at Scrations Lane, Lostwithiel.

There are no injuries reported and no danger to properties and residents.

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Cormac highways staff are onsite, including our geoenvironmental engineer. They are assessing the situation and checking on the stability of the section of the hillside that has collapsed. Approx 1000 tonnes of material has collapsed onto the narrow lane and so no vehicles can use it. This means that the residents of around 30 homes in the cul-de-sac can only currently reach their homes on foot.  Some residents’ vehicles are on the other side of the landslip and so can’t be moved.

Neighbouring properties are providing emergency pedestrian access to the lane

Western Power Distribution has instructed their contractor to attend in case there is any risk to power lines.

The Council is sending officers to provide support to residents and keep them informed of what is happening.

Story posted 01 February 2019

The following letter was issued to residents of Scrations Lane on Tuesday, February 12.

First, we would to thank you for your continuing cooperation as we continue to work on this issue; your patience with what we recognise is a difficult situation; and the neighbourly and supportive attitude displayed by everyone.

The landslip

  • The landslip is more extensive and complicated than it at first appeared, and is actually in two distinct parts. The debris across the lane is the smaller element and is currently propping up a much bigger landslip of circa 15m width above it. Preliminary survey and drilling work has been taking place to evaluate the affected areas, to determine if works can be undertaken from below or if they will have to be done from above; the latter will be technically and logistically much more difficult. Obviously, public and worker safety is the paramount consideration.
  • The investigation works were completed on site on Friday 8 February and the next steps will be to determine the safest way to secure the landslip above and to have full engineering designs completed.
  • Once we know the extent of the works required we will provide an update for you, including likely timescales

Waste collection

  • Waste: The refuse and recycling collection plan worked well and residents have provided positive feedback about this. We will use the same plan for this week’s refuse and green waste collections.


  • A few residents asked us about the possibility of the Council installing temporary lighting on Scrations Lane to facilitate pedestrian access up and down the hill. The ideal solution would be solar powered lighting. We have investigated this lighting but currently no suitable units are available in the South West. The alternative is to install lighting powered by generators, but we are conscious of the noise issues that these would cause to residents.

Traffic management

  • The temporary parking outside 3 & 4 The Terrace is now ready and may be used for short term parking by residents who may need to drop off shopping, or have carers visiting or parcel delivery vans etc.
  • We ask you to continue to respect the purpose of the temporary vehicular access via Benbole i.e. for emergency access and not for daily visits or to access parking outside your house.

If you have any concerns or would like to speak to someone, please contact or tel 0300 1234 222