No change in cost of day tickets but value multi day tickets for Truro Park and Ride will increase slightly from 01 May 2019

Some ticket prices for the Truro Park and Ride service, which have not increased since 2015, will increase slightly from 01 May 2019.

Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio member for transport Geoff Brown said: “We know that residents, commuters and shoppers really appreciate the convenience and reliability of the Truro Park and Ride.  It really is a great
service and will remain exceptional value for money.  We need to make sure that it is viable to keep it going.  These modest increases, in some but not all ticket prices, are being introduced to meet increased running costs and to ensure that the services high standards are maintained.”

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The Truro Park and Ride has proved very successful since it was introduced in 2008.  It carries over one million passengers a year and takes some 1500 cars off the roads of Truro each day. 

The new fares from 01 May 2019 are:

Ticket Type Monday to Friday Saturday 
Day ticket  £2.00 (no change) £1.00 (no change)

Family Day Ticket - up to 2 Adults and 4 Children

£4.00 (up from £2.60) £2.00 (not previously available)

Multi Day Tickets (Days not necessarily consecutive)

5 Day Smart Ticket £9.00 giving a 10% discount (previously £8.40)
20 Day Ticket

£34.00 giving a 15% discount (previously £30)

20 days @ £34 equates to £1.70 per day

60 Day Ticket

£84.00 giving a 30% discount (previously £68)

60 days @ £84 equates to £1.40 per day

National Concessionary Bus Pass discount will no longer be available.  
The under-used Annual Pass will no longer be available.
Multi-day tickets bought before the increase comes into effect on 01 May 2019 will still be valid on the service.  


The £1.00 Monday to Friday day ticket discount that was offered after 9.30am to those who hold a National Concessionary Bus Pass will no longer be available.

Geoff Brown says: “The discount that was on offer was rarely taken up because those who hold a National Concessionary Bus Pass were able to travel free on Cornwall’s other buses after 9.30am anyway.  Of course, now that Cornwall Council has lifted that 9.30am restriction, older people and those of any age with a disability who qualify for a concessionary bus pass, are able to travel for free on other buses at any time.”

Geoff adds: “There have been moves to extend the operating hours of Truro Park and Ride and a planning application asking for permission to vary the proposed opening times of the Truro Park and Ride has recently been submitted with a decision expected by the end of May.

However, the proposal to extend the running times of the Truro Park and Ride is subject to planning permission being granted.  If it is granted, then we will work with passenger groups, including hospital staff, to decide what would be most useful to them.   We can then work out the exact details that will best meet their needs before deciding how to change to service within the extended operating hours requested as part of the planning application.”


Story posted 11 April 2019