Quit smoking by joining the Stoptober campaign

Cornwall’s 70,000 smokers are being urged to quit the habit for good by joining this year’s Stoptober campaign.

The national campaign, supported locally by Cornwall Council, has inspired more than one and a half million people across the country to try and quit since 2012.

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Almost 15 per cent of people in Cornwall are smokers. This is not only bad for their health, but lighting up also has an economic impact with an estimated £122.3m cost to Cornwall each year:*

  • £17m – estimated social care related costs, both public and private
  • £30.8m – total annual cost of smoking to the NHS across Cornwall
  • £70.5m  - potential wealth lost to Cornwall’s economy in lost productivity
  • £3m  - smoking related house fires in Cornwall 

*Figures sourced from ASH’s Local Costs of Tobacco Ready Reckoner resource

Smokers are also the number one culprit when it comes to littering in Cornwall with cigarette butts being the most common item littered – an issue which is being tackled by the Council’s Litterless-Cornwall Campaign.

A key priority for Cornwall Council is to support residents to lead healthy lives.

Councillor Sally Hawken, Cabinet portfolio holder for Children and Wellbeing said: “I’m taking up the Stoptober challenge to try and quit smoking for good. It’s going to be tough but there is no better way to do it than with Stoptober which offers a huge amount of help and support.

“One of the Council’s key priorities is to support residents’ to lead healthy lives. The Stoptober campaign is based on research that if you stop smoking for 28 days you are five times more likely to stop for good. Last year in Cornwall 679 people set a quit date during Stoptober, and 335 quit successfully.”

Cornwall Council’s Stop Smoking team, part of the Healthy Cornwall Service can help provide advice on ways to quit smoking or provide information on vaping.

Support from an advisor is four times more successful than going it alone.

Among occupations in Cornwall, 28% (one in three) of routine and manual workers smoke – the highest rate among workers locally. This equates to approximately 44,000 people. Of the 335 successful quitters last year in Cornwall, 134 were R&M workers (which equates to 40 per cent).

This year, workers in Royal Cornwall Hospital, Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust and employees working for the Council’s CORServ and CORMAC departments will be offered four weeks of Nicotine Replacement Therapy free of charge from Cornwall Council’s Public Health Team.

Brian O’Neill, Cornwall Council Public Health Consultant says: "Quitting smoking is easier with support from advisors. Nicotine Replacement Therapy can help you to quit smoking successfully. The online Personal Quit Plan app developed by Public Health England can help smokers find a personal plan to help them to stop smoking successfully.”

Top five tips to stop smoking:

  1. Set yourself a quit date in the near future
  2. Plan and prepare – make sure you’ve bought vape products or nicotine replacement therapy
  3. Get support – speak to our Stop Smoking Advisors. Also, let friends and family know so they can be supportive
  4. Plan distractions to avoid trigger times. For example after dinner, plan to do something else straight away.
  5. If you’ve had a blip, that’s okay. Get back on plan as soon as possible and keep going.

For more information on Stop Smoking support in Cornwall call 01209 615600 or visit http://oneyoucios.com/smoke-free/

Visit www.nhs.uk/oneyou/stoptober to use the Personal Quit Plan and to find out more about the support available.

Posted on 2 October