Future secured for St Columb Library with town council now at the helm

St Columb Library will continue to remain at the heart of the local community with St Columb Town Council this week officially taking over management of the service.

Under the new arrangement St Columb Library will remain part of the countywide library service, meaning customers will keep their existing library cards and will still be able to visit, borrow and order books online from other libraries in Cornwall.

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Cornwall Council will continue to provide and maintain the library’s public computers and resources, including replenishing books. The agreement is part of Cornwall Council’s devolution programme, which aims to give local communities more say on how local assets are used and managed.

Town councillors marked the occasion with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday 2 October at the entrance to the building on Market Place.

Mayor of St Columb Major and Cornwall Councillor Paul Wills said: "I am delighted that St Columb Major Town Council is taking over the library, by this action we have secured the long term future of the library for the people of this parish and others who use this valuable service. As a constituent said to me recently, a home without books is a home without a soul, and that is the same for a town without a library.

"The people of this parish made their views very clear during the recent survey undertaken by the Town Council, they did not wish to see the library close. By having the service devolved to us we have ensured that future generations will learn the value of books and the other services that a community library can offer. I would like to thank the officers from Cornwall Council who have guided us throughout this process and the Town Councillors for sticking with the process." 

Councillor Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for neighbourhoods, said: “Libraries are important to our residents and this is why we have been working closely with town and parish councils and community groups across Cornwall to find the best custodians.

“With St Columb Town Council taking on management of the library local people will be able to continue to enjoy it for many years to come. The town council’s proactive approach to taking more control over local assets is an excellent example of devolution in action, and I commend them for the excellent service they are providing to their community.”

St Columb Library is open on Tuesdays (9.30am to 5.30pm), Thursdays (1pm to 5pm) and Saturdays (10am to 1pm).