Wadebridge Town Council to take over management of town’s library

Wadebridge Library and Information Service will transfer to Wadebridge Town Council in early December in a new agreement with Cornwall Council.

The arrangement, which is part of Cornwall Council’s devolution programme, means the building on Southern Way will continue to provide all the key services essential to a modern library as well as access to a range of Council services.

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Following the transfer Wadebridge Library will remain part of the countywide service meaning customers will keep their existing library cards and will still be able to visit, borrow and order books online from other libraries in Cornwall. 

Councillor Phil Mitchell from Wadebridge Town Council, said: “I would like to thank my fellow Councillors and the parishioners of Wadebridge for fully supporting the Town Council taking over the Wadebridge Library and Information Service.  

“Wadebridge Town Council has ensured the continued provision of the library service for not only the residents of Wadebridge but for all those residents in surrounding parishes and across Cornwall who use this service.  We will work with Cornwall Council to develop the service supported by the residents of Wadebridge and continue to use this valuable resource for our community.”

In these challenging financial times, Cornwall Council - like all local authorities throughout the UK - has had some tough decisions to make when faced with massive cuts in funding from central Government, explained Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods. 

“Libraries are important to our residents and this is why we have been working closely with town and parish councils and community groups across Cornwall to find the best custodians and secure the future for their local library," she said.

“The town council’s proactive approach to taking more control over local assets is an excellent example of devolution in action, and I commend them for the excellent service they are providing to their community.”