Programme to transform Adult Social Care takes a positive step forward

Potential annual savings of up to £3.2m a year have been identified,  just six months into a project to improve adult social care services in Cornwall.

The company Newton Europe were commissioned in December last year to see how they could streamline services to be more efficient and enable people to live happier and healthier lives in their own homes for longer.

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Cornwall must fundamentally transform and improve the way services are delivered if we are to avoid cutting services to vulnerable adults.

Ensuring this is done in the most efficient and evidence-based way will put Cornwall Council in a much stronger position to meet future pressures and help people to age well rather than relying on residential care.

The council’s reablement service STEPS, which helps people get back on their feet quicker after a period of illness, will also allow a predicted 1,000 more people a year to benefit from the service.

The STEPS team are also working more closely with the social work team based at St Austell hospital and seeing more people helping to relieve some of the pressure on NHS services.

The social work assessment team and older adults team have been identifying community based solutions where appropriate, avoiding costly home care or residential packages.

Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Adults Rob Rotchell said: “Whilst delivering much needed efficiencies for the council the main benefit is to the people of Cornwall who currently receive care or will in the future.

“Following the success of this initial piece of work, which has largely been based in the middle of the region, the changes will be rolled out across Cornwall in the New Year.“

This trial is part of a broader piece of work that the council is working on in partnership with Newton Europe. Cabinet members agreed that the Council will engage Newton Europe to deliver a contract worth up to £4 million, depending on the success of the programme. The initial analysis showed potential to achieve savings of up to £17 million.

An update on the Adult Social Care Transformation Programme was given at a Cornwall Council All Member Briefing on Friday 2 November.

Posted on 6 November 2018