Eighth RSCPA award in a row for Council's work with stray dogs

Cornwall Council's dog welfare and enforcement team has been awarded an RSPCA Gold Footprint for the eighth year in a row for its work with stray dogs.

This consistent record has meant the Council will also receive a Platinum Footprint award at the RSPCA’s forthcoming Community Animal Welfare Footprint Awards. The awards scheme – now in its tenth year - recognises organisations which ensure high welfare standards for animals in the services they provide.

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With the number of strays reported to the Council at a record low, the team have been praised for their role in educating owners about responsible pet ownership, as well as offering microchipping and dog tags,  and an out of hours dog warden service.

While the number is falling, the Council deals with around 800 stray dogs and works with a number of charities to rehome around 70 unclaimed canines each year, explained Councillor Sue James, Cornwall Council's portfolio holder for environment and public protection.

"This award recognises the contribution our hard working officers make in helping owners understand their responsibilities as well as successfully reuniting pets with their loved ones," she said.

"We will do all we can to find the owners of stray or missing dogs, but there are steps dog owners can take to reduce the likelihood of their dog needing our services. This means making sure your pet is kept safe at all times. However, accidents can happen and we can reunite your dog much more quickly if they are wearing a tag and are microchipped. Dog owners have been legally required to microchip their pets since 2016, as well as ensuring that their dog wears a collar and tag so there is no excuse."

The majority of stray dogs reported to the Council have no tag with relevant owner contact details.

Find out more about Cornwall Council’s Dog Welfare and Enforcement service and information on dog fouling complaints, noise complaints in relation to dog barking and microchipping.