Cornwall needs you! - to help people get home from hospital quicker

More Cornwall volunteers are needed to support people home from Hospital this winter.

The Welcome Home volunteer service run by Volunteer Cornwall is one of the ways in which more people can go home sooner after a stay in hospital. This is especially helpful as the weather turns colder and pressure on social care and health services increases.

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Local volunteer Maggie Haward, aged 80 from Quethiock is one of these volunteers, she gives up her time to make sure people have food in the cupboard, a warm house and a smiling friendly face there to welcome them home.

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow have recently set out some key advice to staying well this winter with the ultimate aim of relieving some of the expected pressure on services.

While it is hoped that people take heed of this advice it is important that each part of the system flows smoothly and these volunteers really help this to happen.

Maggie said: “Volunteering is highly rewarding for both the person doing it and the person who benefits from it. There are lots of roles out there to suit different people.

“The smiles you see on people’s faces as you are there to welcome them home is always the main reward but I have found it very helpful for me too, the act of helping others definitely makes you feel good.”

Cornwall Council Portfolio Holder for Adults Rob Rotchell said: “What Maggie and other volunteers do makes such a difference to people, I wholeheartedly thank them for their contribution.

“As the weather turns colder its more important than ever that people only stay in hospital for as long as they need to, getting back home to where they can receive the support of their community. Being at home with the right support in place has been shown to bring the best benefits for individuals”

If you’re interested in being a welcome home volunteer or at any of the other many opportunities you can visit the Volunteer Cornwall website to see what is available.

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow’s advice on staying well this Winter is as follows:

  1. Get your flu jab! 
  2. Make friends with your pharmacist. They’re highly trained clinicians and can give advice and medication. They can arrange an emergency supply of medication
  3. Use a minor injury unit or the urgent treatment centre to fix broken or fractured bones or need something stitching or x-raying
  4. Be prepared and stock your medicine cabinet with paracetamol, antiseptic, plasters and bandages and children’s liquid paracetamol
  5. Know where to go if you need help or advice. Call your GP first if you need urgent health advice and NHS 111 when the surgery is closed.  Visit for details of all minor injury units

Please keep the emergency department free for serious and life-threatening conditions like heart attacks, strokes, loss of consciousness or heavy bleeding

Posted on 23 November 2018