Community praised for resilience and spirit during recent storms

Cornwall Council Leader Adam Paynter today paid special tribute to the people of Cornwall for their resilience and community spirit over the last week as the county battled the Beast from the East and Storm Emma.

“The people of Cornwall have shown remarkable community spirit in the face of very challenging circumstances. There have been some amazing stories emerge over the past few days which truly show what residents of Cornwall are made of,” Councillor Paynter said.

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“I would also like to play special tribute to the commitment of emergency services, council staff and volunteers who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure people could get home and stay warm.

“While many people were tucked up safely in their homes as the storm gave us its worst, there were thousands of people across Cornwall balancing their jobs with the care of their family, looking the storm in the eye and putting others first. Many of them worked around the clock, slept at work, or walked through the snow for hours to serve others.

“To all of those people who put others first – a heartfelt thank you for your service. From Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, paramedics and hospital staff who responded to emergencies, through to those who helped keep the main roads open, looked after our water and power supplies, to those who care for the vulnerable – you all selflessly put yourselves out in appalling conditions to help others.

“The relentless focus of all services on making sure the public are safe, reassured and cared for is immeasurable.”

Councillor Paynter also praised local volunteer organisations who pulled out all stops to help others, and local businesses who donated goods, stayed open or pitched in to help others.

“It is on occasions such as this where community spirit really comes to life and brings out the best in people who put others before themselves to keep us, our friends and families safe.

“I would also like to thank all the journalists who covered the storms, sharing important public information and keeping our community up to date. You played an important role in helping to keep Cornwall safe too,” he said.

Councillor Paynter said the Council would create a thank you tribute book for heroes of the storms and invited members of the public to contribute messages or stories.

“We’ve already received quite a few messages via social media and want to give people the opportunity to say thanks in a book we will publish online.  Whether you’d like to say thanks to a Council employee, the police, a nurse or your neighbour, you are welcome to send a message.”

Send us your message to by Friday 23 March. 

Councillor Paynter said the emergency operations centre closed yesterday (4/3/2018) but ongoing issues were still being closely monitored by the Council in conjunction with partner agencies.

“We expect waste collections and other services to return to normal this week and ask for people’s patience while we deal with any backlogs,” he said.