Full Council to debate proposal to purchase land at Langarth Farm

Cabinet at their meeting today have agreed that a proposal that the Council purchases a development site at Langarth Farm in Truro so that the Council can take the lead in its development, should be referred to full Council for a final decision. 

The Cabinet agreed in principle at their meeting last month (02 May 2018) that the Council should  be taking a significant strategic leadership and delivery role in developments at Threemilestone where planning permissions is already in place for 2,700 dwellings but where no building has started on any of the sites.

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Today’s decision by the Cabinet is to recommend to full Council that the Council goes ahead and purchases a specific area of land at Langarth Farm, to bring forward the development of a high quality housing scheme of 154 homes and set the tone for further development in the area.

If the proposal is agreed by full Council, the Council will be seeking to amend the planning permission already in place to significantly improve the development which would be led by Cornwall Council and would be made up of a mixture of housing types, including a significant proportion of affordable housing, but also housing owned by the Council and rented at market rents.

The proposal is to buy the land for the homes from Sanctuary Housing and another parcel of land nearby which gives the Council the option to build a community facility, such as a school or care facility, or additional housing.

Cllr Bob Egerton, Cornwall Council cabinet member for planning and economy said: “This is the first parcel of land that we are proposing to purchase so that the Council can ensure that developments are coordinated for the benefit of all.

“If the Council does not intervene, it is likely that some sites will start to be built by individual developers under existing planning permissions.  We could end up with an uncoordinated series of estates without the appropriate infrastructure, or, instead, duplication of infrastructure, to the detriment of the whole community.”

The decision by full Council could pave the way for further proposals to be put forward to the Council to purchase specific parcels of land and to bring forward developments on those sites. The Council will also aim to enter into contractual relationships with other developers who own land there so that the Council can masterplan the whole area.


Story posted 20 June 2018