Free advice for community groups on accessing Cornwall Council funding

Do you have a bright idea for a community project but are not sure how to fund it?

Join a free webinar and find out how Cornwall Council and Crowdfunder can help you finance your project and build momentum for your idea at the same time.

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The Council’s Chief Executive Kate Kennally and portfolio holder for environment and public protection Councillor Sue James will join the team from Crowdfunder to host the webinar which aims to give practical advice to anyone with an idea for a community project.

The webinar starts at 7pm on Monday 9 July.

You will learn how the Crowdfund Cornwall project could unlock the potential of hundreds of local community projects by providing Council match funding.

The Council has teamed up with Crowdfunder to strengthen its support for not-for-profit organisations that work with local communities and contribute to environmental growth in Cornwall. 

The partnership means the Council is able to distribute some of its Grow Nature Seed Fund and Community Chest to projects that the crowdfunding process has shown to have strong community backing.

  • What Crowdfund Cornwall is all about.
  • What Council funding is available for Cornwall projects.
  • How you can access funds.
  • Success stories.
  • What the Council hopes to achieve via Crowdfund Cornwall.

Crowdfunding can be an effective way local communities to get an innovative idea off the ground, explained Councillor Sue James. 

“Crowdfunding is really all about making great projects happen by harnessing the power of local community action to achieve donations, publicity and even attract volunteers from people from all walks of life who believe in the project,” she said.

“This free webinar will be a fantastic source of information and inspiration to anyone in a local community who has a great idea and thinks crowd funding might help them to turn it into a reality.”

Several community groups in Cornwall have already benefited from Crowdfund Cornwall.

Simon Browning from Bude Community Orchard, said: “The Seed Fund was easy to access and a great way to establish a new community orchard – the project couldn’t have taken place without it – Bude Friends of the Earth.” 

Rob Stevenson from the Beach Guardian project, said: “The Seed Fund enabled us to carry out vital work keeping our beaches free of plastic, it provided vital funds to get our project totally up and running.”

Dawn Bebe, Director at Crowdfunder, said, “Cornwall are pioneering some interesting ways of crowdfunding. In an innovative pilot, Cornish Councillors are able to pledge on projects in their ward using Community Chest Funds. It will be great to welcome Kate Kennally and Sue James and hopefully share with people in Cornwall the extra funding and coaching support available to them for their project.”