Residents and businesses asked for views on plans to improve Camelford’s air quality

Cornwall Council is asking people in Camelford for their views on a draft action plan to improve air quality in the town.  More information and a link to the online survey for Camelford are available on our Camelford air quality page.

The consultation period runs from 5 February to 2 April, and local people are being encouraged to share their thoughts on the options the Council is investigating to improve local air quality.  The draft action plan is an important step towards opening up funding opportunities for measures that could help to improve the town’s air quality.

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Councils are required to monitor air quality in their area against national targets and to declare areas with poor air quality as Air Quality Management Areas.  Cornwall Council declared Camelford an Air Quality Management Area in 2017 after long term monitoring found that the Fore Street and High Street areas of the town have excessive levels of traffic related nitrogen dioxide (NO2).  The A39 is the main contributor to air pollution in Camelford, with private diesel cars contributing around 32% of the pollution, diesel light goods vehicles contributing 24% and large vehicles such as HGVs contributing 16%.  The remaining pollution comes from other types of road traffic.

Rob Rotchell, Cornwall Councillor for Camelford, said: “The draft plan includes 14 measures that could help improve air quality in Camelford.  These range from simple changes like anti-idling zones where people are asked to switch off their engines when their cars are queueing in traffic right up to investigating the possibility of a bypass, which would require Government support and funding.  We need as many local people as possible to tell us what they think so we can develop the most suitable options for the town.”

Properties in the affected areas of Fore Street and High Street will receive a leaflet about the options.  Leaflets will also be available in the library and the Town Council offices, and there will be a drop in exhibition in Clease Hall on Tuesday 6 March from 3.00pm to 7pm with staff from Cornwall Council on hand to answer questions.  Anyone can comment on the draft action plan proposals at the drop in session, online on our Camelford air quality page or by emailing, posting their comments to the Council or handing them in at Camelford Library and One Stop Shop

Sue James, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Protection, said: “Cornwall Council has put in place a Clean Air strategy to develop a range of air quality projects to help improve air quality across the Duchy.  These include minimising emissions from our bus and works vehicle fleets, requiring electric vehicle charging points in new homes and introducing car clubs.  Despite this, Camelford is now facing the impact of vehicle emissions in a confined area close to where people live.  Whilst we are consulting local people on many things that rely on others doing something, I want to encourage all residents and people driving through Camelford to think about what they as individuals can do to stop making the air there unhealthy to breathe.  Please contribute your ideas as part of the current consultation and once we’ve considered all comments we’ll be able to begin implementing local measures to improve air quality in Camelford.”

Some of the other projects and policies that Cornwall Council has introduced as part of its Clean Air for Cornwall Strategy include promoting walking and cycling, improving public transport, setting emission standards for taxis, working with employers and schools to develop travel plans, and promoting mixed use development in areas close to public transport and facilities. 

Story posted 5 February 2018