Council confirms changes to payment for residential disabled parking spaces

Following a review of payments for residential disabled parking spaces, Cornwall Council today confirmed that a reduced charge would be implemented immediately.

Cornwall Council Leader Adam Paynter said following consultation with disability groups a new charge for residential disabled parking bays of £350 will apply.

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The fee is in line with other authorities that have a policy to charge for similar services.

“This is an issue which should not have occurred in the first place. It was a case of process before people, and did not consider the needs of people with disabilities being able to participate fully in their local communities.

“That is why I called for an immediate review and we are now reducing the payment,” he said.

Councillor Paynter said four applicants who had been charged more than the £350 charge now adopted would be refunded the excess payment as soon as possible.

The Council website has been updated to reflect the changes. The same criteria will remain in place for assessing applications.

In the longer term, the disabled parking application process will be reviewed in consultation with the Disability Groups to align with the governments new Personal Independence Payment Scheme and similar comparisons with neighbouring authorities in the region.

Councillor Paynter announced the changes at a full Council meeting today.

By comparison, Devon and Torbay Councils charge £370.

For further detail visit our residential disabled parking bay page.

Story posted 20 February 2018