Council agrees unanimously to reduce charge for disabled car park spaces

Cornwall Councillors voted unanimously yesterday to keep the new reduced fee of £350 for providing residential disabled parking bays in Cornwall, and endorsed the work being undertaken with disability groups to ensure that Cornwall remains in step with other local authorities when setting the charges for providing disabled parking bays in the future.

The reduced charge of £350 for residential disabled parking bays has already been implemented across Cornwall following consultation with disability groups. Thirty-six new applications have been received since the fee was changed.

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In the longer term, Councillors agreed that the disabled parking application process should be updated in consultation with Disability Groups, to align with the governments new Personal Independence Payment Scheme. They also agreed that future charges will take into account similar comparisons with neighbouring authorities in the region.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for Transport, Geoff Brown said: "This means we will be able to offer our disabled residents the opportunity to put in place disabled parking spaces close to their homes, where there is a justified need, at a cost of £350. This is in line with or slightly less than many other local authorities. We will continue to work with local disability groups to review our policy and do the very best we can to support our disabled community."

Councillor Brown also confirmed that four applicants who had recently been charged more than the £350 charge will be refunded the excess as soon as possible.

Story posted 18 April 2018